EpicRust.EU Roleplay | RPG/Eco/Vanilla/Clans | No whitelist ATM

HOMEPAGE http://www.epicrust.eu/

EpicRust Roleplay was forged to deliver an enjoyable & safe Rust roleplay experience for players that don’t want a server full of hackers & admin power abusers.
When we created the server we wanted to have an easy environment for player that are looking for a stable roleplay server.

//Features overview
Vanilla Mechanics | RPG System & Stats | Banks & Shops | Economy | Clans | Recycle | Air Drops | Vote Rewards

//Vanilla Mechanics
With roleplay in our mind we wanted to have the vanilla mechanics. This means we have 1x loot, sleepers, durability, craft time and so on.

//RPG System & Stats
With this system you will be able to distinguish yourself from other players. The system features a leveling system with XP, levels & skills! Type /evohelp in-game for more info.
You also want to know the top players or how many players you killed? No problem! Type /rank in-game.

//Banks, Shops & Economy
We think this feature expands the whole Rust roleplay experience. Being able to buy & sell items, the game will be a lot more fun. With different shops & banks locations there is always one near you! For more info about this feature check out: http://www.rustmoney.info/ and http://rustmap.net/index.php?sid=MTM5NjU1NzExNTEwNTc0 for the locations.

In our server you will find (& maybe fight) different clans. With this we mean you will be able to create a clan in our server and your clan tag will appear in front of your in-game name.
For help with this system type in-game.

In our RPG system you will also find a skill to recycle certain items. For more help check it out in-game.

//Air Drops
Once there are 4 people in the game there will randomly appear air drops, be sure to get them fast and watch out for other people because these air drops are really wanted! PvP is allowed around air drops.

//Vote Rewards
Of course we will reward the people who support our server! We have installed the plugin Voter which will give you a nice reward if you have voted for our server! Just type /vote in-game and you will see our vote URL. Once you voted type /voted 1 and you will receive your vote package.