Epidemic-Post Apoc RP

Oh yes the dreaded overused Roleplay theme is coming back? What is this madness?

It’s an attempt to revive a horribly butchered theme.

Let’s start with the story to ours.

Not much, and doesn’t explain where the Post-Apoc comes into play.

Post-apoc will not start until the community launches and gets around 3 months of playtime, which would equal to about 2 years RP time.

Survivors - Do I have to explain
Crusaders - I couldn’t come up with a fancy name so it’ll have to do, A Group of Survivalists that bond together too protect whats left of the dwindeling population. Led by James Howard Smith, the very first survivor too establish a community that protected the interest in Education and Reconstruction
Infected - Only those infected with Hydroxylamine.

One thing about infected that I did not mention, the only way to infect another person if you are infected, is by getting them to swallow food you’ve already eaten from.\

Gamemode intended on use: TacoScript 2
Map for first few months: GM_Atomic
When wormwood hits: rp_cscdesert_v2-1_propfix

THIS IS A WIP, and as of now there is nothing really done except the basic concept.


Types of Infected

  • Passive Infected - Still possess control over brain and act like a normal human being, however are physically changed on the outside
  • Aggresive Infected - Brain mutations cause aggresion towards everything, will eat other zombies, as well as everything that contains meat.
  • Mentally Infected - Brain mutations cause aggresion towards human, however your brain looks for ways to infect more humans rather then just kill them.
  • Gay Infected - Pays attention to his fashion and looks, just another flaming homosexual.

Other ideas

Please post suggestions on to what could be added or modified to the concept and story.

Forgot to add this.

You might want to change the name of this to avoid confusion with the Epidemic zombie apocalypse roleplay server.

Also, get rid of gay infected; that’s just stupid.

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Stop being a backseat mod, and it’s not a server yet, so i’m pretty sure it’s in the right section.


Can’t until Jimbo unbans my alt.