Episode 1 and 2 models/materials help

Hey guys, is there any way to get the models and or materials from episode one and two half life two, for garry’s mod? Without buying it either. It would help as I dont have it and I play on some maps with it.


Buy it you cheapskate, they’re both cheap as fuck.

:frowning: what if the whole stranded server doesnt have it?

Then you’re out of luck, christ.

The only way of obtaining models etc would be illegally, we don’t like them sorts round these ere’ parts.

You can’t afford Half Life 2: Episode 1 & 2? Jesus, and I thought I was poor. They’re only like $7.99. Which is like £5. Go ask your mum or something. And as Sphinxa says; Illegal is bad boy material.

Can’t you get them legally by using SRCDS or something?

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Oh, they’re singleplayer, nevermind.