Episode 10 of Dunce Hat Warrior

When we last saw our hero, Calypso whisked him off into the Dimension of the Amuses (a.k.a. The Toy World) in an attempt to rid himself of a pesky nuisance. There the Dunce Hat Warrior dealt with a Posing Loser. Once he destroyed the Loser’s confidence, he met up with the dimension’s leader Laramus. Laramus allowed the Dunce Hat Warrior to use an interdimensional portal to travel back home . . . but he landed in Calypso’s lair. Calypso quickly zapped our hero with a laser phazer until his function ceased. The villain then encased the Dunce Hat Warrior’s feet with cement shoes, and threw him off a bridge into the freezing waters of the Arctic.

How will our hero get out of this one? Robocop makes an appearance.

With this episode uploaded, there are just two more left until this season is over. To help fill the time during season 2’s creation, my friend Logan will be releasing his retcon of the Dunce Hat Warrior. It’s a series of comics that take place in an alternate universe separate from the movies and the original comics–a “What if . . .” story if you will. These new comics shed the childish nature that is prominent in the origins of the Dunce Hat Warrior by showcasing better writing and direction, paving the way for a more entertaining read. Look out for the new comics shortly after Episode 12’s release.

At least the video has “original” quality. :confused:

My computer shit bricks trying to render at such a high resolution. I’m glad to see that it has paid off :slight_smile: