Episode 11 of Dunce Hat Warrior

This is a very special episode, as Ross Scott demonstrates his diverse vocal talent by providing voices for a few characters besides the narrator.

So the Dunce Hat Warrior was saved from drowning by the unsinkable ship of Robocop, but Calypso learned how to make portals that can be used for transporting himself. Now he no longer has to rely on Portable Throwing Portals or his own power that only permits the slow teleport of other people.

Having been teleported to the remains of the Secret Lab featured in episodes 2 and 5, the Dunce Hat Warrior has found a new weapon to use against Calypso. However after testing his new ability on himself again, Calypso has winded up in the clutches of a hungry Jungle Beast, so our hero’s work might be already finished . . . No way! The story must go on in the penultimate episode of the series.

Don’t forget to check out http://dhwmovie.webs.com/comics to read the latest release of the original comic.


Those comics

either you’re 12 years old or can’t draw for shit

I’m curious to why you keep posting these, there’s almost never a positive reaction, and you don’t seem to be taking in any of the criticism either.

He said that he’s got the first season already made and he doesn’t want to shoot it all over again, so instead he will just post whatever he’s got and then he will use the criticism in the next season

I hope this sentence is making at least some sense.

Right. The purpose of Season One is to provide an accurate adaptation of the old comics.

Speaking of comics, my friend Logan is working on a retcon of the Dunce Hat Warrior story. Here’s the prologue if anyone wants a preview. Note: Regular releases of this comic will be created digitally and in color.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Please let us know what you think of the new comics.

Also, these new comics take place in a separate universe, so they are not related to Season Two of the Movie series.