Episode 2 Blood Impact

Well, I’ve been trying to create a new desktop background, and so far, I’m done. But… When I got GMod, it started using the default HL2 blood impacts (emitters and shit) and I want to know if I can enable episode 2 impacts (I have every Valve game, so…) so it looks higher quality (yes, there’s a difference in the impacts). If you know how to do this, please respond.

I have no clue, sadly. Only thing I can ask you is if your Episode 2 is updated / mounted?

No shit. And if you honestly don’t know, what’s the point in replying? Oh, right, there is no point.

He was just trying to help. Jesus.

There is a particle controller tool somewhere, lemme find a link…

That doesn’t help, either. I have that.

Ooh, you mean your gmod is using half life 2’s blood particle, rather than episode 2’s ?

It might sound dumb, but make sure your gmod is gmod 10, that you have episode 2 installed and launched it at least once.

If that doesn’t helps I dunno, get gcfscape and extract ep2’s blood particle maybe…

Of course it’s 10. 9 doesn’t work with 2007 engine games. And I have every Valve game, bought and installed. And what folder is the blood particle in? I’ll try that.