Episode 2 content "unavailable"

For some reason when I go to Gmod settings, HL2 Ep2 is not available and I cant check mark it even though I have the game and orange box. My other orange box games are available though.

Before the updates, my listed games worked fine. After the update, of course things in Gmod stop working. Like always. :rolleyes:

Is there anything I can do to fix this? I already tired reinstalling Episode 2.

Same bug here too. You heard me, it’s just a bug. I can see EP2 content even it tells it’s “unavailable”, so don’t worry. I assume that it’s just a bug caused by a new update.

Make sure that after reinstalling Ep2 you run it at least once. When you run a source game for the first time after installing, it creates the folder with all the content in.

But doesn’t ticking the box just tell Steam to mount the GCF?

same stupid problem here if someone spawns a hl2 ep2 model its a error for me :confused: