Episode 2 content

I plan on making a map for RadBox with episode two stuff and I wanted to know if its Legal to parkrat the models and materials into the map for people who don’t own the game. If any one knows it would be very useful.

I’d rather ask now and look like a dumbass, then have the cops bust in my door and get sued by Valve. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not legal, but valve don’t mind the odd texture or model. Be aware though that it will significantly increase your filesize if you aren’t careful.

steam = platform
valve = developer of steam


And yeah, it should be ok.

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Thanks guys, and yeah i know the map size is going add up fast if i decide to do it… I just don’t know what’s worse Map size or every one on my server bitching that they have errors and pink and black every where:P

Map size.

But the half-life 2 trees are so shitty and dead looking.

In the end, if they don’t have ep2 by now, then surely its a case of tough luck. Why cater for the few?

Two ressons With the trees not being there they’ll be able to see whats behind them, It will give them more power then a player that has ep2 “almost like a wall hack” the other resson is they wont see the map the way its ment to be seen.

I don’t think that it matters much just mark that you need EP2 and move on. If they don’t have it that’s there responsibility not yours, you can get OB dead cheap now anyway.