Episode 2 i Garry's Mod

I have a little problem. I bought Orange Box, so I have Half-Life 2: Episode 2, but when I open Gmod settings, the Episode 2 is unactive and there is no way to activate it.

What should I do?

I have the same problem, please assist.

I’ll assume you’ve actually installed Episode 2?

Try restarting Steam.

Have you ran Episode 2 at all?

I have ran it and I have restarted steam.

The same thing is happening to me.

Hmm this problem might have occured after the latest update of garrys mod.

I already completed it.

And restarting STEAM doesn’t change anything.

I have the same problem. Episode 2 has been installed and run, I’ve verified the game cache files for it and Gmod, and have restarted Steam.

The maps and models from Episode 2 still show and seem to work, even though it’s “Unavailable” in the Gmod Settings. Weird.

thread jack!1

I extracted everything but sound, it will work until a update.

Same problem its really anoying!

Reinstall E2, save your savegames

same problem here … @degge ill try …