Episode 2 Missing Animations and Sounds?

So I decided to play the Episode 2 story using Garrys Mods, When I load the game everything works fine. But when Alyx comes she says Gordon and nothing else. when she is at the point where she picks up the grav gun, she just snaps into a reference pose and thats it. Another thing is that the Zombines don’t make any sounds. But they do seem to attack you and pull out the grenade. Is this a bug or is it meant to be like that?

You ain’t really supposed to play the Games in Garry’s Mod… just open EP2 and play it?

Maybe he wants to play with gmod addons?
And Yes this is supposed to be broken unless garry fix it.

There’s a .cfg file in there hidden somewhere, not sure what it’s called but if you delete that and let the game re-install it (EP 2) it should work…

Garry’s mod was never made to be played in half life 2 episode 1 or 2. So everything is somewhat bugged. Many people only play the maps for screenshot and machinimas. Wait for Garry to find the time to fix it.