Episode 2 strider bust effect

I got bored yesterday after watching some movies from the Episode 2 benchmark, so i decided to replicate the strider busting effect and here’s the result:


Have fun!



a bunch of very dead striders:


unzip the folder to garrysmod/lua/autorun

Nice effect :q:



Great work! Gold star for you!

So you’re going to script dynamic shadows?

I’m joking! :smiley:

Cool effect! Gold Star for you! :smiley:

Blam much?

Hoffa, where I must to put file??

garrysmod/lua/autorun if autorun doesn’t exists, create it! :slight_smile:

Somebody needs to script the strider buster … And maybe Hoffa can (if the Strider Buster is scripted) could change the script that the effect only works with the Strider Buster :slight_smile:

Would be cool :smiley:

You put the file to lua/autorun

Not to shoot down your idea, but Valve made one for HL2. It’s called strider blood. Get the thruster effects addon to see what I mean.

What do you mean? By the looks of the screenshots he DID use the strider blood texture. (The strider blood is also avaible by default at the emmiters)

Could someone make a video of this in action? It looks brilliant, but I can’t use Gmod at the moment :frowning:


(the smartness-system doesn’t let me wirte it correctly)

video in first post!

Boy, am I gonna sound stupid.

How, exactly do you spawn a Strider? I’m guessing there’s a certain map that has them in it. If so, could you kindly direct me too it?


type this in the console:

give npc_strider or npc_create npc_strider

Great swep mate.

This is awesome, very splattery :dance: