Episode 9 of Dunce Hat Warrior

This episode is one of my favorites.

When we last saw our hero, he dealt with interdimensional chaos created by Calypso. The rip in the universe gave both hero and villain new bodies, but once the Dunce Hat Warrior found his way back home, the effects of the Matrix wore off–so Calypso is no longer a woman. Now the Dunce Hat Warrior confronts Calypso, but he may have another trick up his sleeve for our hero . . .

Part 9 of the original comic is also available to read at the bottom of the Comics page on http://dhwmovie.webs.com/

So…how many episodes left?

still better than Uwe Boll movies

There are 12 episodes total, so 3 more to go.


I loved the guns coming out of his body part :slight_smile:

Haha. I knew people would love that part.

That part wasn’t in the original comic, but when I thought about all the weapons the Dunce Hat Warrior hides on his person, I just had to have him bring them out and fire them all at once–even if it was a misfire lol