Episode Two Hammer texture browser won't find my models textures

I have done custom textures a million times before, but it’s not working now.

When I search in the texture browser for “models” it won’t show me any textures, but still I do have lots of textures in “steamapps/USER/half-life 2 episode two/ep2/materials/models/”.

Still if I search for other textures they work, even other custom ones outside the “models” folders…

If I copy those textures to “steamapps/USER/half-life 2 episode one/episodic/materials/models/” it works with Episode One. What’s wrong?


I do believe the OB engine hammer hides model textures in the texture browser because you shouldn’t use them on world geometry.

Which I find annoying because I often make brushwork that uses them then do a quick .vmt edit to turn them into standard geometry textures.

Damn it, so how will I go about using model textures on a hammer made model? (With propper)

Use Episode 1 engine hammer to make it?

Ok I’ll do it, but I heard you gotta make some folders because it doesn’t make them automaticly, but I’ll try it. Thanks.