Episodic and portal mount fix

ok it is easy!

1: just rightclick the games that wont mount on gmod

2: go to properties and click the betas tab

3: opt in for the steampipe beta and close! no need to worry about the beta access code field!

4: launch the game you activated the beta on to start the update process!

5: enjoy gmod with the games mounted

you need to do it for all games that wont mount.

SteamSkin: Metro Skin

i was not sure where i could place this thread so i hope its ok i could place it here

Thanks, people really needed this fix.

Done that with all my Singleplayer games on the account, may have to inform my bros. about SteamPipe!

Well I thought Portal was converted but it just told me it wasn’t, so I’m trying it now. I’ll edit this post when it finishes (darned connection being finicky again) and say how it goes.


Just converted every one of my games to Steampipe (that was avaliable). I think this is the first time in months that all of my GMod content has worked.

where can I get your metroish steam skin

updated OP with link to the steam skin :slight_smile:

There is no SteamPipe for CSS

Yes there is. It’s in the release version - beta’s over. Simply launch the game.

Ontopic: THANKYOU.

Offtopic: Hot skin, downloadin’.

Great… Now Hammer won’t run for any of my games, because it seems that running the game doesn’t create a gameinfo.txt file.

are you running the hammer from the bin folder of the game and not the launcher

I think Hammer isn’t updated for the HL2 episodes AFAIK. Only CS:S, TF2, DOD:S and HL2:DM.

Anyway, you can opt back out of the beta you know. Don’t need to permanently be on the beta for everything you do.

Hammer and the sdk is still broken for steampipe; you have to manually add the content from steampipe games.

Not for CS:S, TF2, DOD:S and HL2:DM.

Speaking of this, I can’t run any of my Portal mods that were in sourcemods folder. Anyone know of a fix for this? (Besides reverting to the non-SteamPipe)

The mods will have to be redirected to the new directory. I honestly have no idea how to do that, as I do not know what components control where the source files are being fetched from.

Well I’ll see if I can figure out where to put them. It’s not really a big deal at the moment, but once in a while I like to fire up Portal Prelude or something.

Thanks for this was wondering what was wrong

The only luck I’ve had so far was from digging around in the gameinfo.txt to one of the installed mods:

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure what to do now