Episodic Maps crashes at certan intervals

This only happened recently after the update. An example is playing through one of the maps from Episode 1 (ep1_c17_00a), just after you enter the doorway right after opening the gate where the three antlion spawn pits are located, The Game crashes. Same thing happens after you open up the gate in ep1_c17_01.
Before the update, there were no issues.

I have tested this with a fresh vanilla Gmod (no addons, etc), the same issues are present.

The same issue also arises while playing in a normal Half Life 2 map (Tried playing d2_prision_6 and Gmod crashes right at the point where Alyx summons the lift).

Also the specs that I have are as follows:
Intel Core i7-920
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1
ATI Radeon HD 4850 w/ 512MB Ram
3 GB Ram
750 GB HDD

Garry broke his own game again :V

Indeed, unless the HL2 engine messed up Garrys Mod while going to these certan locations of the map. Before the update, the maps worked fine. Now I can’t even go to that certian area that triggers the crash that normaly does not happen before the update.

Yeah I just played through an Episode One map. It crashes and shows the same error as when I try to save a Gmod game -_-

I’m surprised that there are only a few people here who have experienced this problem ATM. As with the save error, I’d thought there would be more people that are complaining about this problem (Though most would be using custom maps for most of the time).

Unless the problem is linked with some sort of autosave node that causes the crash with the same effect as other players manualy saving the game.

that’s probably the cause. All problems seem to be directly related to saves in Gmod -_-