ePod - Music Player

What’s an ePod?
An electro-Pod, or Entoros-Pod. Whatever suits you.
ePod is meant to change how you interact with music in Gmod. Features of an ePod include (or will be included):
[li]Sleek, familiar iPod design[/li][li]Stream music from anywhere over the web[/li][li]Play songs clientside or for everyone on the server to hear[/li][li]Fancy technology like scroll wheels and pausing songs[/li][li]Accurate and customizable progress bars[/li][li]gm_bass and HTML compatibility[/li][/ul]

When’s it to be released?
ePod is currently in private alpha release. I’m putting this out here as showcase for what’s yet to come. However, I am looking for a few people to help test the alpha and check for bugs. If you have the time and think I can trust you, then say so below.

pics or gtfo



Can we get a video :3

Looking good! I don’t mind testing the alpha. I’m trustworthy and friendly.

Just heading off to bed at this current time, though. My steam is my name. :3

I’m impressed if you can actually spin that wheel with your mouse to navigate.

Buy me Fraps and I’ll get a good one :v:
But I’ll try and get a 30-second one.

Thanks, you can indeed. It’s a little… buggy, but I’m working with the math.

I’m hoping there’s a lot to be done to this still, as the layout is horrid.

Elaborate please?

Looks cool.


I see it can either use gm_bass or HTML. Either way, good job.

Can this play .midi files or just .mp3 files? Either way this looks awesome.

It functions better with gm_bass, but it’s built so that if you don’t have bass it streams via html. You just don’t get a progress bar at the moment (hopefully you will in the future).

It can play it if you can stream it. I’ve only tried with mp3s, but it could probably stream .wav and .midi.

Yeah, reading a bit further into it, I saw that :stuck_out_tongue:

Its epic. I just tried it. Perhaps a bit jerky with the circle movement, but meh. Brilliant all the same.

Haha, this is very original. I don’t think anyone else would’ve thought to make one for a long time. And the mouse wheel type thing is very cool, it’s worth downloading just to see the math that did that.

I could also test it for you if you wanted.

And Daft Punk ftw.

gPod would’ve been a better name :v:

ePod probably stands for “Entoros Pod”.

That was the name initially, but I figured that with GMove and gStream and GMod Plus and a plethora of other addons prefixed with “g”, it would’ve been too stale.

I heard about that gStream thing. Pretty damn spiffy. /advert :smiley:

Talk to me on steam if you want a better look. You still have a terrible UI. (No offense)

Also, did you use the sliding menu idea I was talking to yah about?


Oh sorry, you agitated my g-spot.