ePod - Music Player

What is so bad about the UI?! Please, just tell me!
And I’ll implement the slidy thing if I get the chance.

Same question I had on first seeing that you were working on this: why, aside from the novelty, did you decide to use the wheel interface? It’s designed for use with a thumb. Makes no sense at all with a mouse - radial controls have showed up in various bits of media software over the ages and overwhelmingly been obnoxious instead of useful.

I could test it. I like Gmod music players.

I initially did this just for the sake of seeing if I make a wheel. Once it was actually possible, it developed into an iPod-type interface. I figured that it’s not really the most practical of applications, so I’ve made it possible to select songs with the mouse (suggestions on ways of scrolling besides a scrollbar?). I’ve also made it so you can only scroll with the wheel when holding the mouse on it.

Maybe, instead of detecting the circular movement, just get the x and y movements. Like on an iPod you would turn the wheel to turn up/down the volume, but on this you click and hold the wheel and move your mouse left or right to turn up/down the volume. Use the same principles in the menus.