epsilonScript - WIP

So yeah, this is a roleplay gamemode i’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks or so.
Core stuff is pretty much complete, though there are some small stuff that still needs doing.
This is a gamemode similiar to cakescript but more updated with more features.
Still need to make better menu design lol, I think they suck.


For each scheme you can add these

  • Classes: Simple system to add classes or teams/flags whatever you wanna call it.
  • Items: Simple system to add items to your scheme.
  • Plugins: Featuring clientside, serverside and shared. ( FOR THE MORE ADVANCED CODER )
  • Characters.
  • Inventory, with weight system.
  • Business.
  • Custom hud.
  • Flags system.
  • Door system.
  • Bank system with inflation on costs of items etc.
    local CLASS = {};

CLASS.Name = “Class name here”;
CLASS.Model = “Model here”; – Put it as nil if you want the choosen model to be the model.
CLASS.Flag = “Flag KEY here”;
CLASS.Public = true/false; – Option if this class is for public use.
CLASS.TeamID = 3; – The class id, have to be unique.
CLASS.TeamColour = Color( r, g, b, alpha ); – The class colour.

– Serverside shit.
if ( SERVER ) then
CLASS.Weapons = {}; – The weapons that this class spawns with.

-- The spawn function for this class, gets called when you spawn and ur this class ;).
CLASS.PlayerSpawnHook = function( ply )


– Put the class in the main class table.
epsilonScript.Classes.RegisterClass( CLASS );

local ITEM = {};

ITEM.Unique = “unique name here”;
ITEM.Name = “Name here”;
ITEM.Model = “Model here”;
ITEM.Description = “Description here”;
ITEM.Cost = 1234; – The cost of the item.
ITEM.Weight = 1231; – The weight of the item.
ITEM.Use = true/false; – Option if the item can be used from the inventory.
ITEM.Drop = true/false; – Option if the item can be dropped from the inventory.

– Used serverside.
if ( SERVER ) then
– Option if the item is to be removed from the inventory when you use it.
ITEM.RemoveOnUse = true/false;

ITEM.OnUse = function( ply ) -- The function when the player uses the item from the inventory.

ITEM.OnDrop = function( ply ) -- The function when the item is dropped from the inventory.

ITEM.OnPickup = function( ply ) -- The function for when the item is picked up.


– Put the item in the main items table.
epsilonScript.Items.RegisterItem( ITEM );
Inventory - Think ima remake this one

I’d play it if it was private

Interesting. Did you create that VGUI yourself or is that some badass derma skin or what?

Derma skin.

Could you give me the derma skin to learn from

Looking good anyway.

Now I’m sure about it. It must be RP gamemode season!

Good job, to stay on topic :smiley:

Looks the same as cider setup

Played it, simple but win.

epsilon community sucks, it’s just a few merged communities that never made it anywhere but you guys keep trying, ill give you that. That hud looks nice, but it doesn’t exactly make it any more easier to manage than most of the other poorly made scripts out there.

Tacoscript or Cakescript have both looks and management skills, Tacoscript more over.

Well, I liked the name… don’t say shit bout management, you haven’t used this yet.

Looks simple and sweet :wink: Good job Chewgum. Silver go back to your broken cakescript edit.

NoFearFaggot, suck a dick, you cannot code for shit.

Okay. Looks cool still.

I bet you didn’t.

hi SK whats going on

you took lemonadescript and made a plugin.

gg indeed.

Indeed good sir.

Chewie! Looking awesome!