Equilibrium Cleric Model?

Hello, asking if anyone is willing to create and rig a model of John Preston, the cleric, from the movie Equilibrium. Basically I’m mostly looking for the coat he’s wearing so I can head hack citizen heads on it.

The coat itself looks very much like Neo’s coat from the matrix and no real other decorations. If possible, I would appreciate if you can make the coat’s texture high in resolution in order to gice it that… Pazzaz…

But yeah, if your still willing, I would also appreciate it if you convert it into an NPC.

Apologies if I can’t get any pictures right now. My v1 generation ITouch posts lonnng ass texts when I paste an image, so it merely won’t work.

If you’d like a better idea of that beautiful coat, just search in google images ‘Equilibrium Cleric’ and voila.

Hope this isn’t too much to ask for, thanks.

If you’re talking about the overcoat it doesn’t really look like the neo coat in Matrix.