''Er ging an meiner Seite'' - 1050x1680

Better Quality**




Better Quality

I hope you all like the picture. I worked many hours on Editing. I’m proud of the Final result.

Please rate and Comment.

Looks neat.

I like it. Nice editing.

I like the smoke.

your picture looks really nice, the editing makes it really atmospheric. I also like how you spelled the german sentence in the title right :v:

Thanks guys.

smoke and shading look cool

The shading is superb. I also love the editing you did on the clothes.

Definitely my favorite DoD picture.

I don’t recall the last time I saw that good editing.

Editing and posing make it look really atmospheric.
You can almost feel the Germans’ despair.

Looks cool, I like the smoke, it looks atmospheric like after a rainy day.

Sieht ziemlich gut aus!
I like the smoke and atmosphere.

The two guys in the back has the posture of the missing link. I know they are tired and all, but it seems abit overdone. The rest of the image looks brilliant none the less.

Nice work.