Eradicate Necrotics

O HEY! guess what? canceled this…kinda well im just to busy to give a shit about it, i mean its in the way back pages anyway, soooo if your seeing this you are either stalking me, or had this shit linked for some reason.

No replies yet ? It looks damn good… The trailer was cool and I’m waiting for more …

A trailer consisting of one single scene that says nothing whatsoever isn’t really worth calling a trailer. Looks like another generic zombie shooting movie.

Now, ill give you that the “trailer” has strayed from what the original plot was, but i can guarente its not going to be just another zombie shooting movie. With that being said, i actualy had to make and combine 3 different scenes to make that little clip, now if u saw the fist one, you would probobly lol till you shit yourself.

That’s not Call of Cuthulu radio music is it? The Trailer looks awesome,looking forward to full film

It’s some radio music from HL2, in the Follow Freeman chapter

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that we’re just about ready to film and need a few voice actors and such, which have been updated in Hangover’s post.

I recommend cinematic camera tool.

? There is no way I would film any part of the series without it. If your talkin about the “trailer” that was way before i even knew that it existed.

The script for ep1 was finished last night, mapping’s (as you can see from screenshots) getting their pretty good, and we have two voice actors now, so we’re gonna start filming soon. :smiley:
However, we really need those last few voices.