erdim portrait V2 (texture test)

Texture on the clothing looks okay and the buttons are awesome.

You gotta smooth out the model too because right now it looks mega blocky on that white background. Also, don’t make the good clothing textures stand out from the really low-res face by doing no work on it.

The lighting on the brick wall seems much lower contrast than the character.

what could i do to smooth out the model and where could i find any good skin textures or just something to help me improve on the face?

your eyes are still fucked

Still tiling issues on the wall behind him. The problem with adding high-res textures to his clothing is that you’ve still got no medium-range detail. In other words, beneath the super-high detail texture is this shitty low-res default skin. The effect is not pretty.

Also, the cloth overlay is going in one direction along the whole body. It needs to be following the contours of the clothing.