Erection City! A war...

We decided to build our base next to a settlement who call themselves erection city… We killed one of their scouts. The war starts now.

If you guys need a hired gun, I’m a mercenary-ish type player. Just need gear and a base to camp at and I’ll fight whoever you want me to (except other allies of mine) provided it fits my schedule.

If in the event you guys want a mercenary (I’m proficient in medium-long range combat, and I’ll work in close range) I’m available.

-snip- I want to see the war!

Obviously it’s a cliff hanger. I’m sure the next video will have candies.

I realize that now, but having watched the whole thing I would have appreciated knowing that up front. “The war starts now…” to me implies that this video is about the ensuing war.

EDIT: However, let me say that I look forward to the videos to come, I enjoyed the video for what it was but I was waiting for a huge war the entire time hence my disappointment.

Alright alright guys, sorry about the title, I have already recorded the next part and there is a war. Sorry for misleading, this is the first episode of the mini series of us having a war. There is no war in here. Just base building and the start of conflict. Sorry bout that guys

No worries, I’ll edit my post since I didn’t mean to come across angry. Like I said I look forward to seeing the war :slight_smile:

I love friendly users :slight_smile:

I am surprised you guys didn’t say sorry after each kill.

Why? We had to provoke the city somehow… We killed one of its members, it’s only a matter of time… :slight_smile:

yeah, but you sound Canadian

hahahahahaahahahahaha I’m from Minnesota :downs: lol :slight_smile:

ahhh that’s why I confused that… is your buddy Canadian?

Nope :slight_smile: Minnesotans sound a little like Canadians I guess…

u sound rlly canadian.

^^^ okay