Erm...what is the difference between Darkrp and Literp?

I saw 5 Lite rp servers…very few of them. But what are the diffrences? I haven’t tried one myself yet.

The primary differance is that DarkRP seems to be more about items and scripted features, and LightRP is more simple and user roleplay orientated. I’d suggest light above dark.

Dark RP is for deathmatching and Lite RP is for Roleplay.

Basically, yeah. :Dawkins102:

Pretty much.

Makes sense ಠ_ಠ

DarkRP contains death,atching, that doesn’t mean it was made for it, it was made for a more gang oriented roleplay, which unfortunately, little kids do not comprehend this and just shoot shit up. LiteRP (Possibly Light?) was made before DarkRP, and contains very few RP constraints, it’s RP at it’s most basic and flexible, which makes it good if you can actually RP.