Ermite's gallery: gmod + TF2 screens, avatars, posters wallpapers
Thanx to texas team players for the text…
poster for a TF2 great war.

tell me if there’s a problem with the pictures’size.

why, these are pretty cool. the only one i didnt like was the one with the medic.

thx a lot but i so love my soned medic ? are you a Potsmokers hater ? lol
I know, he’s quite buggy, i didn’t see the bug while i was makin’ it…

Editing is bad

Ermite = Kermite :v:

really useful comments guys…

The top two are ok. But the rest are posed badly and have rubbish camera angles.

They’re alright

this is exactly what i think, Darius!
but i think the last one (medic on the roof )is one of my best pic…