Erotica RP - A DarkRP Variant

What is Erotica RP?

To be frank with you all, it’s a heavily modified version of a heavily modified version of DarkRP. You can call it a Heavily, HEAVILY modified version.

Erotica RP is more than just DarkRP, it’s a project that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years, using DarkRP. It no longer looks like DarkRP, however, Erotica RP uses roughly 1% of the heavily modified DarkRP code, the rest has been modernized, extended, scrapped altogether and modified to bring you, the user, the most extensive and feature complete RP script that GMod has seen thus far. Erotica RP looks HOT, it feels like an abortion and it is made with the intention of looking and feeling unique. It’s a different way to play.

Erotica RP is like the (heavily modified) sandbox of roleplay scripts. You know how in sandbox you can build a penis or a set of balls or ragdolls having sex? In Erotica RP you can start it up and build all of these with absolutely no previous Garry’s Mod skills. It’s all done in pretty menus and easy to understand wording. Best of all? It’s free.
**It’s Pretty Sexy

Mood lighting is hardcoded

Orgasm animations are a standalone expansion worth £30



You’re most likely wanting the newest version, unfortunately it’s still in production so only me and a few other beta testers can use it.

Hey man, thank you for letting me test the erotica RP source! I just put it on my server and ALREADY it’s flocked with players! Just wanted to say thank you, that’s a quality gamemode. :smile:

wher do i donate?

donate to luakingeroticam4st3r on paypal

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No problem! I’ve given the source to a few other players to beta test as well so some other servers will pop up. I must say that the gamemode is similar to GMTower which is probably why a lot of players like it so much!


ummm, so I can fulfill my life long dream to have virtual sex in an RP fashion?

Rapist job or im not joining

can’t wait to see how it turns out

That was the first job I added.

Not only is this a gamemode of incredible quality, it is also very educational. I’ve heard some schools were considering using this as a sex education tool. Well done!

Wow! I didn’t realize just how good it was! I’m thinking of turning it into a standalone game. Luckily I have the coding skills to do it by myself.

Are the orgasm sounds included in the expansion or is it just the animations?

Everything orgasm-related is included exclusively in the £30 expansion pack. It only works with an overpriced PlayStation peripheral.

I know this thread is going to be locked eventually but it was a great laugh at the trend of gamemodes recently.

On a side note, Do we have to mail in our bug reports? If so, how many stamps?

I don’t know what you’re talking about. This gamemode is 100% legitimate and is under production right now by me. As you can see above I’m a Lua King.

32 limited edition Great British stamps will be enough, sir.

You get any deals from Sony or Microsoft yet?

Remove the roleplay from it, and it will become a great gamemode.


As the owner of ESET Incorporated, I can vouch for this gamemode’s quality and SuprFgt’s legitimacy. Can’t wait until it’s released so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do.

As a ESET Dev. i must say beta testing this gamemode is great i hope everyone will love it when its out.