Eroticum Incantamenta

Lilith reading from the magic Eroticum Incantamenta.
A book on erotic spells considered so smoking hot and indecent, younger wizards are not allowed to own a copy.

The book is sometimes kept under very cold water to stop it from bursting into flames and scorching the covers.

Does the water temparature make any difference when you extinguish a fire?

There has to be a Harry Potter porn parody with the exact same premise.

If not, you should get in the XXX biz, Rastifan.

Well this is erotic magic. Very unstable stuff. Not entirely sure what happens when the horny spells goes off at random.
But Lilith is a level 12 sorceress. She ought to be able to handle it.

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Aye true. Did not think of that^^ For the record. I despise Harry Potter with deep animal hatred.
Worst series ever to soil the screens.

have you built up an entire lore behind this or something
I think you should add michael rooker as the evil sorcerer
would add a lot to the backstory

Who is Michael Rooker?

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Never mind. Found out. And yes:quagmire:

he’s a level 49 dark caster
and an accomplished actor with a silk golden voice

Yes saw him in The walking dead series running now.

PS! No spoilers:eng101:

I’m curious if there’s a magic spell to do with breast reduction.

I am no wizard. Perhaps there is. But I suspect it involves breast enlargements.
Magic is as narrow minded as we are.

At least Elidin is not following the trend. Small boobs. A forest Elf like her have no use for giant mugs.
Oh Elidin is the one on the right.

Posing is meh, editing makes it look like someone off-screen is smoking pot.
The whole scene isn’t very interesting at all.
Empty space in the background too, space you tried to fill with tits like you always do.

It’s pretty bad.

A typical Rastifan pose.