-{[ERP]}- Exile roleplay ~ ZombieRP


Hello and welcome to our facepunch thread for =LB=LinxBuilds Serious RP server. We are one of the usual customized DarkRP servers that you see around garrysmod… But with one difference that changes a-hell of alot. We are a serious RP. We usually constantly have admins on when there is a population, and if serious RP is not conducting we make it happen, if anyone doesn’t rp and starts messing around, then they are kicked, and if they rejoin and continue not RP’ing they receive a hour ban, then a week, then permanent. We ARE going to bring DarkRP back to life, we just need some people to sit in the front-seat… and join us on the ride. So this is to that vast facepunch community, like darkRP and pissed at the old people endlessly messing around.?. Pop in and help bring the DarkRP community back to life!!!

As you can see by the I.p the server is based in america, providing those who live there the lowest pings.

Pop over and have a look, at the time we may not have many people online, but it soon grows…

And most importantly… ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!

And please do visit our website at http://linxbuild.t83.net/ It contains the latest updated on the happenings of our server. Just a branch of the about page is the news page.

Thanks for reading… =LB= CÁPÁSЇŦÓR (evilweevil)

Guessing its DarkRP?

nothing like it anymore, but yes that was the original coding we worked from.

I’m a fan of ZombieRP so I’m gonna go ahead and join, maybe I add it to favorites.

ill log onto it now, hope to see you there

Lets join and see how flawed that sentence was.


Yay, PCmod on ZombieRP…


Yay, Buddyfinder…


Yay, Realistic CS:S weapons…


Yay, drugmod…


Yay, shitloads of unneeded money printers…


Gotta admit your website looks kinda cool though.


Just another shitty DarkRP edit as I thought, and you really fucked up with models. Every single job is a shitty rebel model, even cop.


This is DarkRP with a few jobs/weapons/money printers.


Also, don’t add 3 lines and call it your own gamemode. And you also took out the credits, which is fucking pathetic.

all that coming from a person who about 2 hrs later was banned for spam, don’t go commenting harshly on a server like this trying to “tell us off” when you cant set a example yourself.

Why did you remove the credits and then call it “TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED”.
I’m going to blow up that shit brb.

Have you stolen exilted name?

All that coming from a person who about 2 days before took credits out of a gamemode he didnt make, is elitist, and thinks he is god.

I love that name “ERP”… Might wanna figure out what it means before calling your server it.


…ERP has nothing to do with furries…

…Yeah, right…

I don’t get it.

ERP is a general term for Erotic Roleplay.

Just took a look at the website and they sell admin. Bad idea.

The cat speaks the truth!

ZombieRP in downtown? You got be kidding me, seriously.

Don’t blame all the **** coding and removing the credits on me, thats my coder, and yes it is off dark rp, and i told him to put the credits back on… yet when he said himself he wouldn’t remove them… I’m going back to old classic rp, couple more jobs… and were not ERP anymore -.- LB =LB= LinxBuild RP. And to be honest the whole zombieRP idea i wasn’t to keen on anyway, my coder didn’t even tell me he was making it zombieRP he just did it. And when i told him yeseterday to put the old rp back he said he deleted it… So what would he have done if when he changed it to zombieRP me coming back to him saying i don’t like zombieRP??? he would have been fucked. We also no longer sell admin, it was mainly there to try and earn a little bit of $$$ to get the server going. My coder is now no longer doing anything for us, and well be opening another fretta… meanwhile were going back to standard RP but SERIOUS!! anyone who does not obey the serious RP rules will be kicked. following ban on repetition.

Thanks for the feedback… Regardless of how harsh it was… I’ll be getting on fixing up this rp of ours. Fell free to pop in for a little bit of RP

How about instead of flaming you actually give the guy some constructive criticism.

To evil
Removing the credits is something that you should never do, I’m glad that you told your coder not to remove it.

I recommend that you don’t rage over people’s opinions, because many will just flame you to get a desired reaction. Instead, you should listen to what everyone is saying and actually try to make an effort to change.

By the looks of it you have changed a bit at least(seeing as your latest post is more serious than the other ones), which is great.

I want to wish you good luck with your server(s), I hope you learned something.

Thanks… thats most likely the nicest criticism I’ve had… anyway my server is now longer Darkrp, i’m now GMod rp, the community is much nicer and i wont be continuously bothered about minging. The flaming is very annoying… im trying to do the best i can, the last thing i need is sarcastic insults. Thanks for the kind post, ill put your advice to use.

I’ve been flamed enough to know how to react to it in a proper way, with complete seriousness. Don’t rage, but simply ask them to be more constructive in their criticism and so forth (be friendly).

Raging only makes it worse.

Perhaps you should edit your first post in this thread and add the new information (regarding the gmod rp), in order to avoid confusion.

I’m glad I could be of assistance, let me know if you need help with anything.

Good luck and take care!

Regards, Pete