Err, Errors and certain things not showing?

So, I bought Gmod 10 about three days ago.

I get the Spacebuild model pack 2, but almost everything shows up as errors.

Another addon is, the Strider Cannon v3, it doesn’t show up either.

And the xbox one, doesn’t show up.

And the Halo 1 player models don’t appear in player model selecting.

I’m wondering, why don’t they work. Because none of them have a Readme except Spacebuild which I did right, but only certain things won’t pop up or they are errors.

Any idea how to fix this?

You obviously misplaced the files, did you put the others files into addons?

All of them are in the addons folder.

Is there a folder inside the folder, let’s say you have a folder called “Addon”, if there is an other folder inside that one called “Addon” then move that folder inside the folder to addons.

There’s only 1 folder called addon.

I was talking about addons such as Spacebuild Modelpack, if they were in several Folders.

Oh, then yes.

IT goes like this
spacebuildmodelpackalpha2>materials/lua/info/othher stuff> and so on.

Same with everything else.

what i do for most of my Garry’s mod files is i look inside of them then if they have a .info text i put them in addons if they don’t directly into Garry’s-mod :stuck_out_tongue: hope that helped, and if you want to you can add me to steam friends I’m reddeathkiller, i know a little wire as well its just basic math. and yes my user-name is spelled just like that. i don’t do space build. I’m working on a timed bomb right now its about well half done. lol.

All of them have .info, but don’t say how to add them correctly.

well… i don’t use space build a lot so i cant really help you… sorry

You shouldn’t post if you don’t know. =/

Kyle did you get over your lua virus? I just came from your other thread where u said you had a lua virus… Or i could be mistaking…

No, I said, What is the Gman virus, how do i get it, and if i get it, how do i get rid of it.

Aah, okay! :smiley:

Could you post some links to the mods?

It’s gonna be hard to find them again, give me some time.


Here they are:


Tactical weapons (works, but models shows up as errors.)

Halo 1 playermodels

source recorder

prop protection

strider cannon v3

those are the ones that aren’t working.