Error 116: cache needs reapir - what the fuck?

When i try to launch hammer i get this error;

MountSystem( 423 ) failed:
SteamMountFileSystem(5080,423,0x13b6fd28=,0x13b6fc18) failed with
error 116: Cache needs repair

How do i fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Seems like you have some problems with steam mounting the engine you’re trying to use.

Refresh content and verify cache integrity on your games and the sdk.

try going to your steam install directory and deleting the file called ClientRegistry.blob

it fixes half of the problems that steam has. if that doesn’t work then reinstall steam.

I think he’s right. I installed the cinematic mod yesterday.

I guess I can’t map for half life 2 anymore…


How do I “refresh content”?

I “verified intergrity of game cache” and it worked :v:

Thankyou metallics.