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I did this video a long time and finally passed my nerves. The plot is so sebe. The voice is Russian, since my english is not very good. Thanks to Google translator for translation into English xD (if you notice an error in translation, please write in correct)

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Мне понравилось это видео много. Великий костюмов и карт.

Единственное, что беспокоило меня, что это было unecessarily долго. Я смотрел весь фильм, но я бы опасаться, что другие будут скучать до того, акция началась. Но я, как конец. Однако, почему ученые уничтожить предыдущей Вселенной, а затем создать новый? Какова была их мотивация?

Я дал тебе “как” : D

(what I had written above and translated)

I liked this video alot. Great costumes and maps.

The one thing that bothered me is that it was unecessarily long. I watched the entire film, but I would fear that others would get bored before any of the action began. But I do like the end. However, why did the scientists destroy the previous universe and then create a new one? What was their motivation?

I gave you a “like” :smiley:

In original idea - the destruction of the universe - it is a mistake of one person. The same would show and about the creation of the universe. But in the end, I’m tired, but I decided to finish the video, but without the intention which was in the beginning

Okay, I understand now. The red button caused the destruction of the universe, but then later he destroyed himself and created a new one. Life, Death, Rebirth.

Yes, exactly!

I skimmed the video, and it seemed decent.

I LOVE the special effects though.

Where did you get that explosion at the end?

Explosion at the end - this is a part from Discovery channel “How the universe works”