Error Code Help: will reward

I have GMR game mode and I am getting this error code in the server, when I click f2 t open the garage I only see 2 parts, I can’t see my car and I get spammed with the error below. However I can race and everything else works.

[gmodracer\gamemode\parts\engine_v44c.lua:41] ents.Create cannot be called while rendering
[@gmodracer\gamemode\garage.lua:175] bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got boolean)(Hook: HUDPaintBackground)
please help me i will even reward you in any way i have a little money and can give you admin on some servers, or even give u a website, anything just please help me.

If you know something about Gmod, this is a lua error. Since I’ve awesome lua knowledge, which I don’t, can’t I fix this problem. If you read, it just simply says what’s wrong.
[gmodracer\gamemode\parts\engine_v44c.lua:41] ents.Create cannot be called while rendering
engine_v44c >> cannot be called while rendering <<
This means that something is rendering, and you can’t spawn your entity.

if i were to provide you with the code could you try to debug it for me?