Error Compiling Ragdoll

I’ve been trying for a while now to compile this damn Bender ragdoll and when I finally thought i’d got it working its giving this error:

(It’s not just StudioMDL, its every single compiler that i’ve tried, which is pretty much all of them).

Which is total crap because i am looking at it and it does have a parent ¬.¬

Any ideas whats wrong with it? (i’ve checked the errors page and theres nothing about it there :S)

Edit: Edited above to show existance of parent.

Edit 2: I tried attaching a vertex of the pelvis to the collision model like it says to here but now all its done is saying Bip01 instead of the Bip01 L Calf01 (and Bip01 doesn’t even have contrains @.@)