Error Connecting to Toronto Development Server


About 30-60 minutes ago, Toronto Dev went down for a reboot. As it stands now, I am unable to connect and receive the following error message:
Disconnected: Wrong Connection Protocol: Client Update Required!

I was connected to the server just fine prior to it going down for a reboot and Steam isint triggering a client update.
I have verified local integrity and restarted my computer, steam and rust multiple times all to receive the same error.
Checked twitter and didnt notice anything there to account for the issue either.
Please advise. Thanks.

Try reinstalling the game or try joining a different server to see if it’s your game or the server.

Sorry, should have mentioned that and forgot to
I can connect fine to other servers such as Salt Lake City I

Might be because the server added new addons but I have no knowledge how to fix it.

Yea, it didnt require a beta opt-in before so im guessing (probably incorrectly) that it wont need one in the (near) future

since it’s dev branch (or whatever they call it now;)) i’d suggest it’s a test build that the client version has not been uploaded for. give them time to either upload the client, or rollback to the original server version and try again; they are probably testing something of debatable stability.

I was able to connect back to Toronto Development using the ‘staging debug’ option in the betas menu on steam.