Error! Couldn't send snapshot packet

On my DarkRP server I’ve just started getting this error randomly, “Error! Couldn’t send snapshot packet” and I’ve already Googled it. I don’t think it’s an issue with my entities. It starts happening when my player count gets around 6. I hardly have any entities on the map and this hasn’t been happening until very recently. I’m not getting any errors, it just kicks for that. I’m currently restarting my VPS to see if that fixes it.

What addons do you have? What map? - Steam Workshop addons


The reason that half of the addons in the workshop collection have been extracted into the addons folder is because they stopped registering in the server so I had to manually place them in.

Does the error still occur with no addons enabled?

I don’t know, I’m reinstalling now to find out. I’ve never had this issue before though. :\