Error Error Error

Hello facepunch community,

 I am having a problem with a mod that gives constant errors for the animation folder in /gamemodes/base/gamemode/animation.lua

Has anyone ever had this problem before and knows how to fix it? The error covers the whole screen and is making the players on my server uneasy.

Is it pink-black shit? Incase it is that you simply go to another server and dl their junk then rejoin.

No it’s orange text that for some are in the middle of the screen. For me it’s covering the right side of my screen.

Then just avoid that mod.
If it doesn’t work when you have uninstalled it you will need to reinstall the server, I think.

I tried to, but I just like this mod too much. I think Garry broke the mod, but it should be able to be fixed.


Or is there at least some command that I could tell clients to use to hide error messages?