Error from my brothers computer

From Brothers point of view Seem be getting error even tho his games are mounted
Do you know what cause this problem?
i have no idea right now whats the problem…
so help
yes i was play mutiplayer via local

Tell him to follow this tutorial:

sorry to tell you this but i already did that converting steampipe beta and I did too
so help?

Tell him to verify his game.

I DID THAT ALREADY I own the computer once
It not one of addons that are conflicting
I already verified the game

Verified all the mounted games too?

and figure out what was the problem
it has something do with Shadows not loading
so how do i disable shadows?

I think I know the issue, send me a picture of his graphics options (Options --> Video --> Advanced).

That doesn’t help at all.

opps wrong file sorry

Go to Garry’s Mod in Steam and go to Properties --> Startup Parameters. In there, type -dxlevel 95

Tell me once you’ve done that an started up once.

I found out that one of my custom player models addons were conflicting with his
so I solved it but thanks anyways