[Error] Hammer Editor: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported!

When I try to compile my map in Hammer, it gives me this error:

Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported (entity 39, brush 2)

I am searching in the internet since a hour for this error and I found out that this is caused by a displacement that
can’t be concurrently a func_detail.

But the thing is, there is actually no func_detail that is concurrently a displacement!

I tried diffrent methods to solve this:

  • I searched in the “Entity Report” and clicked every func_detail to see if it’s a displacement
  • I used the VisGroups to see only the displacements or the func_details and I clicked every single brush, but I found nothing.
  • I pressed CTRL + SHIFT + W to select all the displacements (using VisGroups too) and moved ALL of them “toWorld”

I am currently desparing on this, any ideas how to solve this?

If you’ve tried all of the things you say you have, you could try to copy everything in your vmf file and make a new one then paste it all in there.

I’ve heard it works for some people with different odd errors when nothing else seems to fix it.

Nope, still the same.

Make sure you’re not cordoning your map when compiling, as it will effect your brush numbers(for what ever reason.) Also make sure that all of your visgroups are selected. Once you’ve done a compile without any cordons and selected, it should list the correct brush number, try using the go to brush dialog (Ctrl+Shift+G), and type in the brush number. It will go to that brush, so delete it and recreate it. I’ve had this issue before, and it’s annoying as hell.

What you could also do is in the auto vis groups area disable displacements and or func_detail brushes from displaying until you can pinpoint on the grid the func_detail you accidentally selected while creating displacements.

Thats very weird, it says to me “That brush doens’t exist” (It should be brush 2)

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I’ve also tried that.

Okay I converted all the details back to world, that solved the error.