Error Help please?

I know this is a darkrp error so sorry -_-
But when i join the game i get a sort of different HUD and 0 Dollars and when i press f4 i get this error in console

Unhandled usermessage 'ChangeJobVGUI'

I’ve searched google up and down no help Thanks for helping!
Oh i’ve also re installed darkrp and haven’t added anything to it. So the problem most be something else .-.

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Oh wdf, also i have a backpack and a a hands/keys this is really awkward… -_- and annoying.

You should get another error further up in your console, when you joined the server…

However, there is no backpack or hands weapon in DarkRP, and if the HUD is different to normal then it sounds like you’re using someone’s custom version, hence why it might be broken. If this is the case, download the latest version via SVN ( I just looked and the latest version of DarkRP (2.4.2) doesn’t seem to be on (at least not one uploaded by the official developer). You could try using version 2.4.1, but I don’t know whether it’ll still work or not. You’re best off using the SVN version.

No, it is the SVN version not custom.

So you’ve downloaded a clean version of DarkRP, you haven’t changed anything and you get that?

I’d say update the svn. And if that doesnt work delete it and redownload the gamemode