Error I don't know how to fix

Hi guys,
I am having a really dumb issue. The console states that:
[gamemodes\zmod\gamemode\init.lua:185] attempt to index local ‘ItemDef’ (a nil value)

This is line 185 from init:
ent:SetVar(“Info”, { Name = name, Uses = ItemDef.Uses } );

I’m sorry its one of ‘these’ posts. I am just learning :smile:

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Also, I have this error from 285:
Hook ‘HHM.KeyPress’ Failed: [gamemodes\zmod\gamemode\init.lua:285] attempt to index a nil value

Here is 285:
if key == IN_USE && IsValid(tr.Entity) && HHM.IsItem(tr.Entity:GetVar(“Info”).Name) then

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ItemDef is nil and something else like tr, key, or HHM is also nil so you can’t use any accesors on them. Make sure they are set to something before accessing a variable or method.