Error in compiling: Short Conversion out of range 117648

I’m compiling a model, about 7k triangles, and I get this error:

ERROR: Short Conversion out of range 117648
ERROR: Aborted processing on model Rebel_1.mdl


Mind you this ERROR comes from compiling the .sw.vtx not the first section.


Anyone know what’s up?

I’ve seen this error a few times but never really understood the cause. If you could send me the compiling files I’d really like to try and figure it out.

I believe it’s caused by two many triangles…

I found the cause, It was still compiling a old smd, one with 45k triangles. (Don’t Ask)

Now I get it compiled, but only the head shows up in the model viewer??


Hay guyz, I asploded.

So there you go.

I would say something is up with the vertex assignments (for the asploded problem).

Awesome, thanks.

Now to hand paint the weightmap… Fun stuff.

How to count triangles? I had 6k polygons on my 3d Max scene and i receive the same error.