Error in console after compiling map

Now i have been working on the downtown map and when i look in a certain part of the map it has this “Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered”
in my console it also lags me. Any idea how to fix this? Much would be appreciated.

Google can do alot of work.
I found the answer in 3 clicks and some words.

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http://tiny url . com/66ggstb

The map isn’t optimized well.

Looks like you need to remove some unneeded stuff in that area. Got some complex brushwork or lots of detail in that certain area? If so, figure out other ways you can do the detail, or remove it

Goddamn Ninjas

Thank you all. lol

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Also does it matter if the setting on sdk for compiling and have vis on fast? Does that do anything to help it?