Error in gmod 12 fretta gamemode im fixing

Error in gmod 12 fretta gamemode im fixing

[ERROR] gamemodes/bomberminge/gamemode/shd_module_multimodel.lua:132: attempt to perform arithmetic on local ‘r0’ (a table value)

  1. DrawChild - gamemodes/bomberminge/gamemode/shd_module_multimodel.lua:132
  2. Draw - gamemodes/bomberminge/gamemode/shd_module_multimodel.lua:218
    3. Draw - gamemodes/bomberminge/entities/entities/base_multimodel/cl_init.lua:16
    4. unknown - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_anim.lua:50

This is the line

render.SetColorModulation(r0 * col.r/65025, g0 * col.g/65025, b0 * col.b/65025)

Also the wasd keys are mixed up when i walk

Any ideas?

PS THE GAMEMODE IS BOMBERMINGE FRETTA - i have already put it on fretta13 and changed most of the files to fretta13 etc

What is r0 defined as?