Error in InventoryAddon V2 for DarkRP

I’ve been wanting to put an inventory in DarkRP for a while now, and I found InventoryAddon for Dark RP (, but after replacing the files and opening up Garrysmod, I get an error that doesn’t allow me to open up the inventory:

DarkRP\gamemode\showteamtabs.lua:551: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

Here is the code around line 551:

LINE 551: for k,v in pairs(CustomShipments) do
if v.seperate and (table.HasValue(v.allowed, LocalPlayer():Team()) or #v.allowed == 0 or (v.allowed[1] == TEAM_GUN and not v.allowed[2] and LocalPlayer():Team() ~= TEAM_GUN and GetGlobalInt(“restrictbuypistol”) == 0)) then
AddIcon(v.model, "Buy a “……”: "…CUR…v.pricesep, "/buy "…

Not sure if this is a chronic problem with the coding, or a one-time thing, but it’s preventing me from making an awesome RP server.