Error in my server

Hi, i don’t know if i’m in the right forums for this but my questions are:

1 i’ve made a gmod DarkRP server but it shows up on the list as a FusionRP server, how to change it to say DarkRP?

2 when i add shipments to my server, like the MadCow’s Shipments i change class to gundealer and press F4 then the entire menu shows up like a little box on the top-left of my screen and i’m unable to spawn anything.
can anybody help me with correcting this???

Uploaded with

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section. Yet again." - postal))

You’ve a typo in the addentities.lua file.

You’d need to fix that, posting it here will probably help. Also this isn’t the help section so toodle pip!

LOL, sry, never used this forum, i’ll try to find helpsection and post my lua file there