Error in srcds with fastdl

Hey there, I apologize if this is in the wrong section – Kinda new here.

I have been working for many hours to get my large amount of content on fastdl, and when it was all finished and the resource.lua file configured I was getting this error:

Warning: table downloadables is full, can’t add ***

And the *** would say the file name. It still downloaded the files but not using FastDL. After a long time searching, I found nothing so decided to post.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You probably have too many files to download, which addons do you have?

Many different addons and model packs.

ADV Duplicator
Buoyancy Tool
Buoyancy Tool - Wire
Falco Prop Protection
Grumpy Jetpack V2
Military models pack 1&2
Prop Resizer v2
Wire Extras
Wire Model Pack

I know there is a lot there, but surely there is a way to get it all on fastdl?

Thanks for your help.

If its too many files added to download the stringtable will overflow. Show me your resource.lua file, your probably adding a huge folder or something which you shouldent

I deleted the entire server and reinstalled it for another reason.

What I did was take all of the files from the addons we had installed and put them into the main folder so like (just for example) garrysmod\addons\phoenix-storms\models to garrysmod\models

I then did the Dir.AddFile command which I found on the setting up sv_downloadurl wiki page, and added all of the subfolders of \models however not the subfolders of subfolders.

Would i be able to stop this from happening if i added every single folder? I did originally just do the main folders like \models and \materials and i got the error so i then changed all of the \models and made it add the subfolders rather than the main folder.

Main reply window wont work for me, so im using quick reply and its hard to read. sorry if it is rubbish grammar :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks btw

Sounds like your adding models which really shouldent be added like PHX. The addons you use should handle the resources themselfs (if its not something you added)

I moved the PHX models into the main models directory so they could be Fast DL’d.

Can you clear this up for me – Is there any way to get the models and materials from addons to use fastdl?

Thanks :slight_smile: