Error Initializing Steam Api.

Today, I went to run Garry’s Mod when I kept getting an error that said “Error Initializing Steam Api.” I immediately resorted to searching the internet for solutions. Almost every help page said to reinstall steam. I did this two time, and both had the same result: It didn’t work! If I could get any help on this I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance!

Yep it’s happening to all us Macfags

With no fix for now? Is it an update with Steam and GMod that is causing the issue?

Not yet. And that’s what I hear that it was an update that caused it, except I never saw my game update I just opened Steam, clicked to play Gmod, and it hung up and then a the API error popped up

Hopefully Garry will post something about it. Oh and did anyone notice that is down?

Was an update that caused it for me, send an email to if we all blast him with emails he’ll get the message. Us mac users all can’t boot up gmod.

Alright! Lets email him and get this fixed! Rawr!!!

speaking of rawr … ;D
Lobsterrawr is also a mac gamer<3
I will start sending emails immediatley

I have also been frustrated with not being able to launch G-Mod on my mac. Do any of you know when there will be an update to G-Mod that will work? Is it possible to downgrade my version of Steam, so that I can continue to play G-Mod for now?

GOOD NEWS! IT WILL BE FIXED ON MONDAY!!/garrynewman/status/193601764438716417

I don’t know if he even knew about it yet, so i decided to message him on twitter. I’m glad I did, now we can get it fixed soon!

Just disable the Steam Community in game buy going to.

Steam ->Prefences ->In Game -> Uncheck Enable Steam Community Ingame


That solution is not working for everyone though. (For some it did work but only for a couple of hours)

Doesn’t work, crashes at initializing menu system.

I had the same problem, disabling the Steam Community Ingame didn’t do anything for me. I know that they are working on fixing it by Monday…

Do any of you know if there is another way to play without it crashing?

Oh Well it seems Garry Gives more of a sh** giving out more beta keys than fixing something simple.

Its pretty obvious hes trying to fix it. Just be patient. Whining about it won’t make it go any faster.

Also, you don’t have to censor swear words. Its not like your parents can see it or anything.

hold me, I’m scared.

Is Garry going to fix this? It’s monday…

many people have jobs that take up most of the day on monday.