Error joining Server

Hello, this a bump on this topic, which didn’t get any responses, thanks for that btw.

So I’m getting really sick of this, ever since the new game launched I’ve been getting problems joining servers, I repeat, JOINING, I have no problems once I’m in. But getting there is painful.
3 out of 4 times joining a server doesn’t work for me, I get time outs, connection drops, “Connection attempt failed”, randomly after trying to join a server.
Like I said before, this happens pretty randomly, as I click “Join”, it sits there “Connecting…”, then I get the time out/connection drop/w/e, sometimes it loads a bit of the game up, but then it suddenly fails back to menu with one of those errors.
I also noticed the menu feels slow at this point, and checking the console I can see a couple of lines saying “Null Pointer Exception”.

I realize this is a problem not many of you have, otherwise this would have been getting ANY attention at all.
It’s incredibly frustrating that absolutely no information on this can be found online, and even more so that on your own forums I’m fucking ignored and left to deal with this shit by myself.
I’ve reinstalled Rust many times, Steam too, also formated my PC, this happened on Win8.1 and now on Win10. I’ve also used 2 different video cards, all other specs are the same.
I realize this isn’t a bad install problem, it’s something to do with my hardware I guess, maybe even my router, but surely this is something that can be pinpointed by providing logs and stuff.
So once again, I’m more than available to provide logs and system information if you should require it in order to solve this problem.
Seeing as how I fail to join servers 75% of the time, having to restart the game, steam, and even Windows JUST to get in a server, you can imagine how this is starting to make me not want to play the game.

Thank you for your time I guess, hopefully this time I’ll get some replies.

This is fucking pathetic how is it that I make a legit post about a SERIOUS fucking problem with the fucking game and I get absolutely no responses;
Some jackass makes a topic about London1 being offline or some “serves r offline halp” shit like that and he gets at least 10 replies, all useless, but at least he gets noticed and the (nonexistant) problem gets some attention.
Seriously what is the purpose of these forums exactly? To stroke Facepunch’s ego?
Oh right, “feedback”.

The reason you are not getting any replies is because this is clearly a problem that not many people (perhaps even none but you) are experiencing. If is is an issue that is rarely encountered, it is not going to get much attention. It is Facepunch’s prerogative to solve the most pressing and widespread issue, so unfortunately a confined case like yours isn’t going to get much support.

With regard to your problem, I’m afraid I have no ideas. If you have reinstalled the game multiple times, that rules out an installation issue. This sounds to me like a networking issue of some description, so you may be correct with regard to your router. Have you tried stupid things like allowing rustclient.exe through Windows firewall? Sometimes ridiculously basic/minor things like that can cause gremlins. But in honesty I don’t know enough to be able to offer you a viable solution.

First of all, thank you for the reply.
I’ve tried pretty much anything except replacing the router, which I realize is probably where the problem lies, but thinking objectively, I have no problems of this sort with absolutely any other game, even other Unity based games, not to say they all use the same networking interface.
I thought maybe this was a UPnP issue, so I tried solving it by portforwarding, in the router and creating rules on Windows Firewalls, I couldn’t find an official mention as to the ports used by the game so I tried a couple people mentioned around, to no avail.
This happens on any servers, regardless of them being modded, official, or vanilla community ones.
It has happened with no other relevant processes running in the background, not the browser no nothing.

I only just noticed that on my 1st post I have a response in the form of a tooltip which I have to hover, on the post’s bottom left corner, clearly I’ve been away from forums too long as I didn’t knew this to be a feature. Regardless let me just say that is a shit way of communicating with people on forum, I made sure to subscribe to this post to get notifications and I got none from that “tooltip” crap thing.

So you say you don’t know what causes it, well I offered to provide assistance in this, clearly the problem affects only a few people, my guess is that it’d be smart to ask these people, like myself, to help pinpoint the problem by providing logs or some sort of diagnostics. But let’s say this is some weird ass problem that petty users like me can’t help you with. Would it really be that fucking hard to give me a normal response? One I could get notified about? And maybe not have you sound so condescending on your replies.

Dude, chill the fuck out. Have you considered that maybe nobody is helping you because of your attitude? Your problem is obviously rare, so you’re not going to get as many replies as everyone else. Behaving like a condescending jackass isn’t going to help your cause at all.

It’s obvious that there’s a problem between your PC and the server. The most likely cause is a networking issue, be it with your NIC, your router, your ISP, or your ISP’s upstream link. Maybe you’ve got a wonky connection that’s losing too many packets, maybe your latency is spiking, maybe you’re getting DDOS’d, maybe your router sucks, maybe you’re playing over a bad WiFi connection, maybe your memory is bad, maybe your CPU’s heatsink is slipping off, maybe you’ve got a driver conflict. Maybe your ISP is having trouble with one of their upstream carriers and needs to give you an alternate route. Maybe the aggregator serving your connection is faulty. Maybe your modem is bad. Maybe you’ve got malware. Maybe it’s some combination of all of the above.

Whatever the problem, it’s NOT a Rust problem. Otherwise, there’d be a huge number of people on here complaining. The problem is exclusive to you. If you want this forum to serve as your personal tech support for things unrelated to Rust, try being civil. Lose the attitude and post a traceroute (or better yet, an MTR) to one of the servers you’re having trouble reaching. But if you’re going to have a meltdown and act like a spoiled child, you can find someone else.

Stop acting like a jackass and maybe you’ll get some help.

Those 10min you spent editing your post, I’m sure they were well worth your time.
My ‘attitude’ comes out of frustration, if you bothered to check the first two posts I made you’ll find my ‘attitude’ to be much more passive.
Funny enough, I didn’t get any replies with those, it’s almost as if I had to somehow aggro people like you by spreading words like ‘fucking’, ‘pathetic’, ‘piece of shit’. Et voilà, predictably enough, here you are.

I’m on a LAN connection to my router, connection’s pretty good too, no packet loss and no spikes. I stress it weekly transfering large chunks between LAN PCs and storage websites.

So basically you caught an opportunity to come off as a white knight, to which you took gladly, maybe if you weren’t so hellbent on sucking Facepunch’s balls you’d notice that they themselves admitted to the problem. so it IS a Rust problem.

Personally I don’t think a tracert will do much, the problem isn’t on my side of the connection, IMO, but fair enough, that was the only useful part of your comment.

I tested 2 EU servers, and, results are as follows, on pastebin:

TraceRT | MTR

TraceRT | MTR

Everything looks pretty normal, wouldn’t you agree? Minor hiccups testing BorderRust but nothing serious enough.

EDIT: One last thing, let me just say that I find those “Dumb”, “Zing”, “Agree” voty votes thingies to be absolutely hilarious.