Error Loading Gamemode !IsValidGamemode [santosrp]

When i start my server i see

Error Loading Gamemode !IsValidGamemode [santosrp]

Please Help Me To Fix It.

The folder/gamemode santosrp doesn’t exist. Either you’re using the wrong name or the santosrp.txt file doesn’t exist.

Don’t rename it to militaryrp

they exist both i have this in txt file.

“base” “base”
“title” “SantosRP”
“version” “1.0”
“menusystem” “1”

"author_name"   ""
"author_email"  ""
"author_url"    ""

"icon"  ""
"info"  ""
"hide"  "0"


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i see this

From the wiki:

Isn’t SantosRP a private server that just had its files stolen?

It was sold to a lot of people.

The server has the file

it doesnt have init.lua

does someone has that file for the gamemode SantosRP
if yes plz send it to me.

Ask the person you bought it from.

The guy is a cunt. Ask him for support but DONT PAY HIM. He will demand payment for support, He sells the gamemode and then gets extra money out of the client by not telling them the right instructions INTENTIONALLY. This guy is the worst of the worst, He’s cheapening the name of santos rp (if it isn’t roasted enough by facepunch already).

I can predict what will happen already, you’ll ask him for support, he’ll call you retarded a few times and get details for you RDP, 5 minutes later it’ll be all working and he’ll be asking for money.

I dont remember how he exactly fixed it for me last time but i can remember that it was something to do with that gamemode.txt file. Try renaming it to “santosrp”. That’s how he fixed mine, EVEN THOUGH HE EXPLICITYLY TELLS PEOPLE NOT TO EDIT THE FILES

He will also tell you that you’ll have to find the fastDL content yourself and do it yourself. Download the SantosRP SVN using someting similar to TortoiseSVN and make your own fastDL link, you’ll also have to put everything inside the SVN (once it’s downloaded) into your server files in the respective folders.

This guy has seriously triggered me, i bet he pulls this shit on everyone he sells santos rp to, my community was the (i think) 3rd Community to buy the gamemode (Besides defcon and some random server inside the SantosRP catagory, might not even be santos rp but idk) My point is, this is some scummy shit and he needs to be called out on it. He Legit searches Scriptfodder and DarkRP forums for people who clearly like santos rp and sell them this overhyped bollocks.

Thanks for reading it, the TLDR of this is that rustic is an unpleasant person(I have a load of shit i could say but i really dont want another ban LMAO.)

On an unrelated note, i swear he got kicked from the community like tons of fucking times by the actual owner for being scummy before?

Just read the file was missing altogether.

I feel rustic scamming is more of a likely scenario lmao

He banned me from their servers after refusing to buy santosrp from him knowing i played on the server occasionally

If you care to hear the story i have the screenshots before he banned me showing all the proof that he is basically power hungry.

Actually he was perma banned for selling their files, ironic right?

Orrrrr this guy is triggering me i need a tumblr safespace

I think someone sold you extracted clientside and shared code only that everyone can get by joining the server.


I never encourage this but just charge back, your clearly got something broken and he clearly isn’t going to fix it. I recommend to everybody to just avoid rustic at all costs as he is a terrible person. As its digital goods you should win and get your money back.

I’v worked with rustic before and he is a complete ass hole.

For some reason, I’m unable to rate posts but I completely agree with this.

To Op:

Chargeback the payment, if you need someone to help you word the PayPal responses add me.

Just stop using a stolen gamemode, that would fix it.

**EDIT: **Just read back some posts. Yeah you got scammed by Rustic

I really think that rustic and his scams need to get fucking recognized

and after his “scams” get recognized, what are we gonna do? do a community vote on a method of execution?