Error loading <module> - system error 14001

After installing my new server on my communities’ new dedi, I keep getting this error when loading any module - removing one module stacks the error onto the next module to load. None of the others load at all.

Example full error:

Lua Error: error loading module 'luaerror' from file 'path\garrysmod\lua\includes\modules\gm_luaerror.dll':
19:54:09 <TAB>system error 14001

Any ideas what’s causing that?

Yea, I was getting this error as well, I found that it was because the modules were compiled on windows vista and the server was windows 7. After recompiling the modules on windows 7 the error stopped.

That’s the other way to fix it.

I already had it. strange.

Got another problem, no point in creating a new thread for it.

I need timers to be running (Even before players connect) - spawning a bot seems to crash the server. Is there another way to “kick start” timers, or a workaround?

Edit: Nevermind, got around the “spawn bot and crash” thing.